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Real FalseFlesh User Experiences


“My girlfriend has a really smoking hot younger sister. I had always been quite curious about what her sister looked like naked. FalseFlesh let me do just this with a picture I had of us at the beach and also stay out of trouble with the GF haha”


“I’m an undergrad at UCLA, and last semester I had a professor for one of my psychology classes who was just gorgeous. Even though she was in her mid-thirties her body was just perfect. I copied the picture she had up on her syllabus webpage to use with FF. The results were even better than I expected.”


“I’ll admit that I have bought my fair share of Girls Gone Wild DVDs. However FalseFlesh is not porn. It’s much better in that you get to realize your fantasy. You guys did an awesome job with program. Looking forward to the next update!”


“The really cool thing that I liked about FalseFlesh was that you can either let the software instantly make some cute girl that you know naked or actually take time to customize it. For example I wanted to make this girl who works with me have bigger breasts than she actually did and also give her a lot more pubic hair than she actually probably really has.”


“I did a lot or research on the net about if there was a way to make a picture appear to be naked. At first all I could find was http://www.wonderhowto.com/how-to/video/how-to-make-people-naked-with-photoshop-63724/. But then I found FalseFlesh and it made the process a whole lot simpler and look much better”


“At first I was a little skeptical that such a tool was even possible. However I had to try it and the program was only 50 bucks, so I said what the hell. All I can say is that it was definitely worth it. My only warning is that it is really addicting especially, if you are someone who uses facebook because you will end up trying it on all your friends.”


“I have been married for 7 years and every once in a while my friends and I need a break from our husbands. A few weeks back I hosted a Girls Night In, where we all went out for drinks. When we came back to my house I showed them FalseFlesh and we spent the evening having the software make everyone’s “dream man” in the nude”


“I’m in a fraternity and we used FalseFlesh to play a joke on one of the brothers. Also we tried using the software on some of the sorority girls that came over after bid night pictures. However one of them got really mad when we printed out the picture ;-) be careful it almost looks too realistic”


“I know you are not supposed to do this but I needed to get revenge. I found out that my boy friend of 4 months we cheating on me. So I loaded his picture into False Flesh and had the software give him a less than flattering, well you know. I also anonymously sent the picture to his guy and girl friends. He still doesn’t know it was me!!!!”


“We have the really uptight boss at work. Even though she is really a bitch, she definitely has the ASSETS. Bascially she turned down every guy that even approached her. After I got FalseFlesh I immediately tried it out on a photo I had of her from some conference. When I printed it and showed it to my buddy, he actually though I had hooked up with her!”


“The really are a variety of uses for this software. I teach a graphic design class at a local community college. I had our students analyze the software and make sample (clothed) images to get acquainted with design. Thanks for the teaching aid.”


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